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Yes the Staytrem Jaguar / Jazzmaster bridge will fit with a mute no problem.
Yes the standard chrome cover will fit the Staytrem Jaguar / Jazzmaster bridge, the channel is exactly the same size as the Fender one.
The Staytrem Jaguar / Jazzmaster bridge will fit no problem but there are a couple of issues and we would not recommend fitting it.
Firstly, because of the steep break angle of the strings, created by the Bigsby setup, the bridge tends to be pushed forwards and eventually it will not rock back and forth as it should with the action of the tremolo.
The second problem, also caused by the steep break angle, is that the strings rest on the rear part of the bridge channel behind the saddles and this will cause premature string breakage.
Both of these issues exist even with the standard bridge supplied with the guitar.
There is a very good description on the Fender website.
The most likely reason for this is that you have not inserted the arm far enough into the collet, it does require a very hard push to insert fully. Once fitted correctly it should stay in place when released.
The Staytrem Jaguar / Jazzmaster bridge is not a suitable replacement for guitars that have an Adjustomatic bridge, such as the Classic Player and J Mascis Jazzmaster.
We did make a conversion but this is no longer available.