Regardless of the particular model of Jaguar or Jazzmaster all parts of the tremolo are basically the same, the only variation is the size of thread on the collet that screws into the floating tremolo plate, this is either 10mm or 3/8". American made guitars require 3/8" and all others require 10mm except some Made in Mexico models.
The problem with the MIM model range that have a tremolo lock button is that Fender have used both sizes at different times during production. There is no way of knowing which size has been fitted by the date or serial number. The only way to determine which size you would require is to remove the collet and compare the threaded part to the picture below, as you can see the difference is very noticeable.
If yours appears to be the same as the top one please select the 3/8" option from the selection menu.
If yours appears to be the same as the bottom one please select the 10mm option from the selection menu. It is only the thread you need to look at, as you can see the 3/8" is finer than the 10mm. If you are unsure which is the same as you have please email a photo of your collet to us and we would be able to tell you which one to order.