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The Staytrem tremolo is a replacement arm and collet which overcomes the problems normally associated with the Jaguar and Jazzmaster.

  • Eliminates loose and rattling tremolo arm
  • Virtually no free play so no lost motion
  • The arm will not swing down when released
  • Made from rust resistant stainless steel
  • Will fit Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Jaguarillo and Bass VI
  • Important note. Not suitable for the American Pro II Jazzmaster.

  • The collet fits in place of the standard fitment in the floating tremolo plate. It has an internal nylon sleeve / bushing. The arm is a tight fit in the collet and there is no metal to metal contact. This provides a smooth rotation and it will not wear out for many years.
  • Choice of white, black or ivory plastic tip
  • For all American made Jaguars and Jazzmasters you will need to select the 3/8" option when ordering. For everything else you will need to select the 10mm option except Made in Mexico models with a tremolo lock button, for these please see our selection guide.
  • Fitting requires the tremolo plate to be removed, which is not difficult, but if you are not confident with working on guitars we would recommend having a guitar tech carry out the work for you.