Available for 9.5" or 7.25" neck radius


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  • 9.5" radius for Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI and Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI.
  • 7.25" radius for Fender Vintera II Bass VI and Fender MIJ Bass VI
  • Drops straight in without any modification to the guitar
  • Wide baseplate to enable correct intonation
  • Solid barrel saddles
  • 52mm E to E string spacing
  • Intonation screws retained securely without springs
  • Easy access for saddle adjustment
  • Bridge posts with bushings to keep adjusting screws tight
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Will rock back and forth with the movement of the tremolo.


       Full specification

  • Wide baseplate to enable correct intonation. Made wider than the standard bridge supplied on some models to overcome the intonation problems. The models that already have a wide baseplate will still benefit from upgrading to the Staytrem Bass VI bridge.
  • Solid barrel saddles. The saddles are made with the radius preset so no need for individual height adjustment. Grooves are cut deep to prevent strings jumping out whilst playing and are each are made to suit individual string gauges. The saddles are also specially machined with flats on each side to allow for maximum movement for intonation.
    Our latest design update ensures that the saddles can never move sideways.
  • 52mm E to E string spacing. Now only available with 52mm string spacing. The standard Fender E to E string spacing is 55 - 56mm, this can make the E strings too close to the edge of the fretboard, the Staytrem Bass VI bridge has 52mm E to E spacing which resolves this issue. 
  • Intonation screws retained securely without springs. On the standard bridge the saddle adjusting screws can often vibrate loose and even fall out, this will not happen with the Staytrem bridge, the screws are securely held in place with our latest design.
  • Easy access for saddle adjustment. The saddle adjusting screws are hexagon type and are moved slightly away from the middle of the strings making intonation adjustment easier with a ball ended Allen wrench supplied with the bridge, this also can be used for the bridge height adjustment.
  • Bridge posts with bushings to keep adjusting screws tight. On the standard bridge the height adjusting screws can gradually vibrate loose causing the bridge to drop down over time. The bridge support posts on the Staytrem bridge have unique plastic bushings which keep the screws tight and prevent this from happening.
  • Made from stainless steel. All metal parts are made from rust resistant stainless steel.

Important note. If you are purchasing the Staytrem bridge as a replacement for your existing bridge it will drop straight in to the thimbles, or mounting cups, already in the guitar body. If you are fitting to a new build you will need to obtain the thimbles form elsewhere as we do not supply them.